Faster growth for your business

We help companies of all sizes win more work and automate more processes

What We Do

  • Growth Services

    • Outreach and re-engagement
    • Opportunity analytics
    • Content and thought leadership
  • Technology

    • Saas discovery
    • Saas implementation and management
    • Ecosystem connection 
  • Training

    • Pitching, negotiation and closing
    • Strategy and planning
    • Prospecting 

Who We Are

Our award winning advisory team has decades of company growth experience, from start ups to listings.

  • Alex
    Scale Ups and BD

    As founder of one of the UK’s fastest growing law firms, and entrepreneurship expert at Oxford University, Alex is a thought leader in growth and business development.

  • John
    Strategy and Growth

    Having built numerous successful businesses from scratch, John is a veteran of strategy, brand development and growth; and has won and advised on many multi million dollar client engagements.

  • 1621951748638
    Finance and Technology

    Throughout his career in finance and technology Will has built multiple growth and automation systems, working with multi-nationals, funds and some of Europe's fastest growing startups.

  • Tony 20210213
    Commercial Strategy

    One of London’s leading barristers, Tony brings huge experience to corporate and commercial growth issues, with specific expertise in technology and professional services.

  • Elenai
    Data Science

    Our resident in house data scientist and AI agent, Anai has crunched thousands of data points from scientific journals on growth, influence, and communication, and optimises our growth systems every month.

  • Johnathan
    Biotech, Government, AI

    Previously at Mckinsey, Johnathan specialises in business development, fund raising and market development, including Government, Biotech, and AI.

Where We’ve Worked

Recent Projects

  • "Dysis has made a big difference to us. We have seen a significant uplift in new business."

    Ignition Law, Law Firm
  • "We had a major return on investment within the first month of engagement. Brilliant to work with and we strongly recommend Dysis." 

    Tenderlake, B2B SAAS
  • "Built business critical software to manage our funds and has become a key and trusted partner "

    Balance Legal Capital, Investment Fund
  • "A first class collaboration team"

    Hampstead LLP

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